Illustration and Character Design


I have a passion for color and stories.  I like to challenge myself to make every image as expressive and story driven as I can.  I love to design characters and bring out their personalities in the shapes that make up their forms!



About Me

Hi, I'm Ty

Based in New Hampshire, I am a freelance Illustrator.  

I can also do Character design, Concept art, and comics!

I have been working primarily for the Anthro fandom since 2008

However I can do humans, monsters, etc.  I'd be happy to discuss

helping you bring your next character or concept to life!


Contact me!

Terms Of Service


• My preferred method of communication is e-mail, but notes to my Furaffinity or Weasyl pages are acceptable for quick exchanges and small inquiries.  Full information and details need to be sent by email.
• I’m comfortable drawing a wide variety of subject matter, but I have my strengths and weaknesses.  I’m open to all different types of animal species, settings, scenarios and genders.  Please familiarize yourself with my work before commissioning me, but when in doubt just ask.  I do relish a challenge!  However I will not create any artwork depicting anything I deem hateful in nature towards any person/ race/ orientation/ religion.

• It’s the responsibility of the commissioner to provide me with all necessary information to complete the commission including references for characters, clothing, posing, setting ETC.


Each commission will be quoted a price upon receipt of the description. The general range for full color commissions are from $125-$350 USD, depending on the complexity of the image. 
Payment will not be expected of you until your commission is ready to be started.  Invoices must be paid within 72 hours of being sent out.  In some cases you may pre-pay for your commission before I am ready to begin.
*Special commissions will be offered in announcements made on my social media, public gallery pages, Tumblr, etc.   Details and pricing will be included in the announcement.

• All prices are quoted in USD.
•Commissions over $100.00 require half of the payment due up front to reserve your slot, and the second half due once the sketch has been completed and approved.
• Payment can be made via Paypal Invoices or Square Invoices.
• I will not accept mail-in personal checks under any circumstances.   Money Orders and Cashier's Checks are acceptable and must be received within 2 weeks of the commission agreement.

• Once I’ve emailed your sketch to you, you have five business days to either approve it, or request changes to it.  
If the sketch isn’t approved or sent back with alteration requests within five days, I will consider the commission cancelled.  A refund of the payment minus a $40.00 sketch fee will be provided.
Please have final payment ready within 48 hours of of your sketch being approved.  If payment is not provided promptly, your commission may be delayed in favor of someone who has paid before you (i.e. pushed back).  If payment is not received within five consecutive days of your sketch being approved, regardless of slot demand, I will consider the commission canceled.  I maintain all rights to the sketch, including the right to alter the characters and complete the image for another project or company.

• I may cancel a commission at any time, for any reason.  Once payment has been made and the inks have been approved, the commissioner may cancel, but will only receive a 50% refund.
• A cancellation on my part will receive a full refund unless it is due to adverse commissioner conduct/non-communication.
• Artwork is non-refundable once completed.


• I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, and am in no way obligated to provide a reason in the case of refusal.
• Unless I have explicitly stated otherwise, I will retain all copyright to my artwork, even when characters contained within the work belong to the commissioner. It is in my right to post, distribute, copy, reproduce, etc. for sale or promotion.
• You are free to post any commission done for you to a personal/public gallery, so long as credit is provided.  Do not remove my signature from the image.
• I am not obligated to post your commission to my gallery, or anywhere else.
• You have permission to alter/crop/edit/etc. your commission for websites, banners, signatures, icons, and so on provided there is credit.
• You have permission to make prints/copies of the image so long as it is for personal use and no profit is made.
• Please discuss things with me if you want to purchase an image’s full copyright/publishing rights.  Commercial contract work is also negotiable.
• I reserve the right to use rejected sketches (i.e. if you rejected a sketch for a whole new pose) for my own use, altering it to use with different characters.
• I reserve all printing rights to every image that comes from my stylus/pencil/etc.  This means that I may sell prints of your commission at conventions, in my store, and it may also be included in any artbook collections.

• I retain the rights to sell original traditional artwork not claimed by commissioners.